CYoung Films is the love child of CYoung Photography, a fourteen-year-old photography studio based in the heart of Mendocino. Just like our photography, our films focus on capturing connections; real moments, with an editorial approach, and created with an artistic eye. It’s all about the people sharing their most cherished days with us. The magic happens in documenting the memories, reflecting the real story and emotion, to remember and share for lifetimes.


We are creative professionals with combined experience in art, photography, design, art direction, film, and theater. Cassandra and Milo; soul mates, best friends, and creative partners lead the team. Quite simply we love love, almost as much as we love making art. We strive to create work that makes us (and our clients) fall in love all over again.

Steve is our first camera and creative collaborator. He brings to the team his years creating short films featured in multiple international film festivals, and a degree in film editing from UC Davis. A keen eye for storytelling, his quiet personality allows him to slip behind the scenes and capture a true account of a wedding day. Mitchell is "The Drone Guy." An amazing pilot and drone footage creator, he can also be found capturing steady cam content, and beautiful B-roll. The four of us live to make film. During our off-season we are always busy working on personal projects together, making art, and growing our skills.

"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other."

-Audrey Hepburn


Here's a wee video window into our real life. Our son's seventh birthday party adventure!

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